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The process of booking the tour.


Calculation of your tour

Main questions: dates, number of people, approximative budget, routes, duration of the tour, additional preferences


Sending reservations to the hotel and airlines. Confirmation receipt

Payment and documentation

Payment for the confirmed tour, receipt of vouchers for accommodation, air tickets and confirmation of other ordered services

Start the tour.

Your journey begins! Get ready to relax on the tour that you have created!
Top Destination: THAILAND<br>
Top Destination: THAILAND
Villas, yachts, excursions and much more
Special offer<br>
Special offer
Bring a friend and get a bonus of $ 100 on your next trip.
Make a tour before the end of July 2019 and get a 10% discount on the entire individual tour (be sure to note that you came from the site). 

20% discount for the most organized customers.

Make an individual tour 6 months before departure and get a 20% discount on the total cost of the tour.

Your tour on Baikal
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